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May 20, 2009


Media Contour

These are some great guidelines for deciding on a CMS. Unless you are an extremely large corporation, with many clients and employees, creating your own CMS would be very time consuming and costly. There are many great open source CMS applications like SilverStripe, WordPress, and Joomla that allow for extensive customization, providing enough options for most web-based firms.


I've used Joomla before and honestly never "got it". Over the past few months I've found ExpressionEngine to be that shining light on top the hill. Being a developer myself, there's no going back to anything else. Granted EE is not free, open-source; it's cheap as heck even for a personal site compared to the other paid alternatives out there. If you haven't heard of EE do give it a look.

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I have never worked upon a web content management system, would it be possible to design something without any training using WCMS? If yes what would be the best software and how do I access it? If no whats the right approach? More tips are welcome.

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CMS really helps in updating your website content. I recently had one of my websites updated using an open source CMS and because of it I have an easy way to do updates personally without any hassles what so ever. thanks for sharing this post, its really enlightening...

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Great article! It's very informative, straight to the point and well-organized. Hope you'll post more articles like this. Thanks for your insights and for posting. Kudos!


Interesting article. You are helping the future business persons in your own simple way. It is really important to choose the best management system. Congratulations!

Web System

Congratz for ur great work to bring out de best blog.One of the most visited topics as many are engaged in web developing..Really informative I am glad I have taken the time to learn this.

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Very great work... Thanks for the article...

Website Templates

This is always better to use CMS than the manual entries.

Kavita Martin

Interesting information by CMS,Awesome article.

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Thank you for sharing this post about the best techniques for Drupal Development, This is very useful for Drupal Development and Drupal Development Company. Thanks again :)

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I would personally agree that simple sites just remove all unnecessary elements from the design, content, and code. While minimalist sites generally fit this criteria, there are plenty of sites that wouldn’t, by any stretch of the imagination. Thanks for sharing this productive information!

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